Training your Parrot

March 19th, 2011

Parrot training isn’t just used to make life easier for the human owners. Its purpose is to make the bird feel at home in its tame environment. In the wild, birds are a part of a flock. Owners need to make the effort to include it into the family, its new flock. Prior to teaching a new bird tricks, allow time for it adjust to the new surroundings.

Training can be time-consuming. The best time frame to start is between four and six months of age. When it does something correctly, give a treat. If it does something undesirable, ignore it. Never punish it. If it realizes it gets more attention, albeit negative, when it’s bad; then it will continue the negative behavior.

The UP and DOWN commands are the most basic commands. Mounting and dismounting the owner’s finger is required in order to move from area to area. When schooling a bird, the command word needs to be said every time. Occasionally, after mastering a trick, the bird will say the command word itself.


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March 6th, 2011

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African Grey Parrots

November 19th, 2010

African grey parrots are one of the most fascinating species in the animal world. Due to their unique color and big size, African grey parrots are increasing popular all around the world. African grey parrots have been companions to humans since many years. They are considered as superb pets due to their quite nature and ability to communicate excellently. These intelligent birds are ideal pets if you live in small apartments or houses.

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Parrotsite – Taming and Training Your Parrot

Want To Discover How To Stop Your Parrot From Biting You?

February 17th, 2010

Plus Convince Your Parrot To Cheerfully Step-UP,
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Are you AFRAID of your parrot?  does your parrot bite you?  Does it attack people come near its cage?  does it scream for hours and hours

With this unique bird taming system, your parrot or cockatiel will:

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Stop your Parrot’s Screaming and Biting with “Clicker Training”!

February 8th, 2007

Does your parrot scream or bite?

These are two very common and very annoying behaviors. Especially when company is over! If you are at your wits end, give clicker training a shot. Since we can not reason, or sometimes beg, with our pets, we must communicate through other means. Clicker training helps bridge the communication gap and be quite successful in ending bothersome behaviors.

You don’t have to be a professional trainer to teach your pet. Owners have successfully trained their parrots to hold their wings out for feather trimming and hold out their toes for nail cutting. Can you imagine your bird holding still while you put a harness on it in order to go outdoors? And the joy of a veterinary examination without biting! Bring on the clicker training.

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Get a Happy & Playful Parrot

February 7th, 2007

The Professional Parrot Coaching Videos That Reveal Exactly How To Easily Turn Your Rebellious Parrot Into a Delightful Pet…
…That Loves To Play With You Like a Joyful Child!!

Does your pet Parrot cause you distress by being wild and unruly? Flying away from you in fear every time you try to come near it’s cage…

- Screaming at unearthly hours and waking up the whole neighborhood…

- Savagely biting anyone and everyone who comes near it…

- Plucking out its own beautiful feathers…

- Being a picky eater…

- Refusing to learn any trick you are trying to teach it for days…

- Flying into danger every time you bring it out of its cage…

If you’re thinking “Oh! I’d love to have such a wonderful bird”…then here is a really special
kit for you and your Parrot.

DVD 1: How To Easily Tame And Train A Parrot And Turn It Into A Playful Pet

DVD 2: Three Ways To A Fun Parrot – Proper Diet, Radiant Health And Good Rearing


Bonus Audio CD: Know Your Parrot Inside Out To Build Up Trust And Love In Your Relationship



Tam and Train your Parrot – Free Video

January 12th, 2007

Hi there,

I just wanted to take the time and write you a quick note letting you know that I found a
website where you can get a free parrot training 3 Day E-course and training video, just by Trick Training

When you get there just sign up on one of the signup
forms on their site, and they will send you their training
course immediatly.

The course will teach your parrot to:

-Stop Biting

-Perform Tricks &

-Tame ANY SIZE bird you could possibly own

Chet Womach, who owns the site, also has an advanced
course that you can read about at his site, and I must
say, I have bought, and own all the parrot training
products out there. And Chet’s training course is heads
and shoulders above all the other training courses or
videos you will EVER find.

-SPECIAL NOTE: His course is so good, that I called
him up on the phone, and begged him to give some
of my customers a special deal on his course.

So after a whole lot of arm twisting, I convinced him
to throw in a 2 hour interview he did with a parrot
behavior specialist, where they do nothing but cover
exactly how to cure MAJOR biting and fear problems in
parrots, by using very clever clicker training techniques.

All you have to do to get this special interview, is go to
Trick Training and on the order form, write that you heard about his website
from me, Trond Kristiansenso he knows to send you the extra 2 hour

But Remember, he is only offering this deal until this
upcoming Friday. So if you try to order after Friday,
he won’t throw in this extra audio bonus for you.

Either way, at least go to his website to get the 3 Day E-Course
and video.

Hope you’ll like his course as much as I did.


Trond Kristiansen

Taming and Training Parrots

p.s. In order to get this free two hour interview you
must click on this link:

Parrot Training

How to ” Clicker Train ” Your Parrot Successfully

January 2nd, 2007

Everyone around you is training his or her bird with quick success. So how come your own bird isn’t cooperating. Polly would rather chew on your thumb then ring the little bell for a treat. Don’t lose hope! Clicker training has a proven track record of success and it will work for you and your bird, too. If you are having a problem training your parrot with clicker training, let’s review a few basics.

First, let’s look at why clicker training is used rather other approaches.

o    It’s a safe method
o    It’s relatively easy
o    Birds respond to it
o    It truly does work

The positive reinforcement method of clicker training is truly the best way to curb bad behaviors and teach new good behaviors. Punishment as training means actually end in fewer results than people realize. When it seems that clicker training is not working, a bird owner can get frustrated and be tempted to pursue other options. Before you retire your clicker, make sure that basic principles are being followed.

First, what sort of reward are you using? Always use a food reward. There is no better way to communicate with your parrot than with food. Find a treat that your parrot loves. Is it nuts, seeds or fruit? Remember to vary the treat so your pet doesn’t get bored. After you’ve definitely established a loved treat, does your parrot understand what the “click” actually means?  ………………………………………
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Parrot Trick Training Tip

December 11th, 2006

My friend Chet Wormack sendt me some Parrot Trick Training Tip!

There is one trick training routine, that everyone should train there parrot to perform… because it never fails to drastically cut down on a parrots biting…

Can you guess what it is?

It’s a method many expert trainers have used to tame wild caught parrots to actually ENJOY being handled, and it’s one of the 24 tricks I teach in my BRAND new ‘Platinum Trick Training Mastery System‘.
Go to this site and find more info >>
If you’d like to find out what this ‘mystery’ trick is, or if you’d like to learn 24 new tricks ALL designed to enhance your bird’s relationship with you then visit this webpage:

My brother Dave, just taught this trick to his Cockatoo, Bondi, and you wouldn’t believe how much her behavior has improved — and she was already a GREAT bird!

Here’s To A Happier Parrot!

P.S. Just to clarify… everything I teach on the above link can be taught to every breed of bird from Parakeets & Cockatiels, to Macaws, African Grey’s & Amazons — they’re just as easy to teach smaller bird’s as they are with the bigger birds.

Just cuz you may have a small bird, doesn’t mean he’s not smart enough to learn these tricks — some of our best performing birds have been cockatiels and parakeets.


Tam and train your Parrot

See What Little Parrots Are Capable Of!

November 20th, 2006

Success Stories from cockatiel, parakeet and other small bird owners…

“If Someone Forced Me ,To Get A Wild, Cage Ridden Parakeet To Perform Live On A Princess Cruise Ship’s Stage In 7 Days…Would You Like To See Video Footage Of How I’d Pull It Off?”
Small Parrot

Parakeet / Cockatiel – Taming, training & tricks!
How To Train Your Parakeet / Cockatiel In 7 Days
You’ll train your smaller birds by “shaping” natural instincts and not by relying on your bird’s intelligence. This is why all birds are capable of becoming great performers!

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Another Parrot Tamining Success Story!

November 8th, 2006

From my friend Chet Womach who make this incredible Parrot learning training cources!

I usually don’t tell people this, but I do something most other companies don’t do. After you buy one of my parrot training products, you get extra bonuses you NEVER knew were coming.

And these bonuses are VERY powerful, in fact one of my customers, Jennifer, saw awesome results with her bird, just by following some simple instructions
on some bonus, email postcards that I email every one of my customers after they’ve purchased from me.

I’ve posted Jennifer’s comments below, but before you read them, you should know that these results she’s getting with her bird, happened just by these free extra bonus postcards, and she hasn’t even gotten the real course yet, it’s still in transit to her house!

Thought her comments might motivate you…

‘the postcards have saved me from some horrible bites. I’ve been applying the tips, especially on biting and screaming and they have worked great.

The first time Woody screamed for attention, we all got up and left the room. He shut right up and never did it again. That’s exactly what I did years ago when my children threw a tantrum and it worked on them too.

The biting is coming along, but I don’t have all the information I need yet. He still bites but now I gently push my hand into the bite and he releases. I notice that he has started biting much more softly, and I am confident that he will stop altogether once I learn how to do it properly with the methods on your CD.

Thanks for all your help, parrots are very special birds and deserve to be treated with respect and love’

-Jennifer Lawrence

Just another reason, to NEVER give up on taming your parrot, you never know how close you could be to a breakthrough.

And by the way… If you do have a breakthrough with your parrot, like maybe trying a new technique, I’d love it if you shared it with me, so I could tell all of our subscribers.

Here’s wishing you the best,



Sharpshooter fires at parrot with rifle!

October 6th, 2006

My friend Chet Womach sendt me this this crazy story…

… and don’t worry, the parrot wasn’t harmed.
Instead, this story actually teaches an important
training lesson, so pay close attention.

The Amazing Story Of Zazu, A Parrot Stuck In a
Tree And Shot At By A Sharpshooter… And Lived!

You’ll learn…

- How this parrot’s owner used my techniques to
  save her bird’s life

- And some insider thoughts into why she was able
  to pull this off.

I got this story, along with tons of other great
stories, when I held a success story contest about
3 or 4 months ago, because I was itching to hear
about some of the amazing things people had taught
their birds to do by following what I teach in
my course.

It was sent to me by one of my great customers
Yasmin Aikman, who has been not only rapidly
implementing all the techniques I teach in my “Taming,
Training & Tricks” course for parrots, but has sent
me other stories with how well she’s implemented
my course on teaching your parrot to talk which
can be found at Birdtrick 

I bring this up for one main reason…

I have two groups of customers.  Those who order my
kit, let it sit on the shelf, or make excuses why
they don’t have any time to put what I teach into

And others like Yasmin, who buy practically
every product I come out with and QUICKLY implement
what I teach… take me up on consulting bonuses
to help them with stuff they don’t understand and
most importantly… get the results they’re after.

So before I tell you about Yasmin’s amazing story I
want to ask you; which type of customer or subscriber
are you?

Are you the type that is actively looking for ways
to improve your relationship with your bird, or are
you being lazy, sitting on your butt watching too much
TV and making excuses for why my methods aren’t working
for you.

   I ALWAYS find it extremely interesting when a
   customer sends back a video of ours for a refund
   and says “your methods won’t work for my bird”
   But, when I look at the product they’ve returned,
   it’s nearly ALWAYS still in the plastic wrapper.


But it brings up a great point. You can’t expect to
get results if you don’t even TRY!  So if you’re
reading this, and you’ve been putting off working with
your bird because you’re just too tired today, or
too busy this week, get off your butt, grab your
clicker and start teaching your bird something NEW,
and do it today!

But enough ranting, let me tell you about the great
success Yasmin had with her parrot.


Yasmin and her son Shane own a blue and gold macaw
by the name of Zazu, and they wrote me a few months
back and shared this amazing story with me.

Shane had purchased a harness for Zazu and was
taking him on a walk through a forest in Ontario,
Canada, and forgot to hold onto the harness tightly

Something in the woods spooked Zazu, and he managed
to get free from Shane, who forgot to fasten the
harness securely, and took off for a high tree.

Zazu still had the harness attached to him, and as he
went to land in a tall tree, got his harness stuck
near the top of one of the tallest trees in the forest;
leaving him stuck, and out in the open for Hawks and
other predators.

Yasmin and Shane were mortified, and quickly called
the fire department, who apparently brought out some
of their biggest ladders, and still didn’t have a
ladder high enough to reach Zazu — and it was getting

The fire department realizing there was nothing they
could do, couldn’t just leave the parrot as bait up
in that tree all night long, so they called in a

Now I know what your thinking… how cruel!  But it’s
not like that.

The reason they brought in the sharpshooter was to
attempt to shoot at the harness, to break Zazu free.
It sounds risky to me, but apparently this guy was
pretty good, because he pulled out his rifle, aimed
at the harness, and pulled the trigger.


The shot went off perfectly and severed the harness
strap, freeing Zazu.  But the noise scared the living
wageebeez out of the poor macaw, and as soon as he
knew he was free, he took off to get as far away from
that noise as he could.

Yasmin and Shane spent the rest of the day searching
and calling for there Macaw but couldn’t find him,
gave up, and went home heartbroken.

But then the next day something miraculous happened,
they got a call from a lady who lived in a Cabin near
the area where Zazu was stuck in the tree, and the
authorities had been called because it sounded like
a small child was out in the woods talking!

But it really wasn’t a small child, it was Zazu, and
he had come back to the spot he got spooked, looking
for his family!  And this time he wasn’t stuck.

*NOTE* Good thing they taught this bird to talk with
my course ;-)

So Yasmin and Shane quickly came searching for Zazu
again, and quickly found him.  And since there were
no fireman around this time, they did the only thing
they new how to do… TARGETING!

If you don’t know what targeting is, it’s where
you train a bird to touch the end of a stick with it’s
beak.  And I teach it in the CD that comes with my
“Taming, Training & Tricks” course, which if you don’t
have, can be found at

Luckily Shane had mastered target training with Zazu so
well, that without going into the long details, was able
to get their parrot to climb down out of this HUGE tree
and right onto his hand.

Now that’s a well trained bird!

And I couldn’t be more proud of these guys for taking
action, not being lazy, and using what they knew to
literally save the life of their beloved parrot.

So if Shane & Yasmin are reading this …

“Congratulations Shane & Yasmin, I hope others reading
this will be inspired and become more committed from what
you were able to accomplish!”

And as for the rest of you, I’d love it if I could share
more of your great stories with me as well.

Nobody ever gets sick of hearing amazing stories like
this.  And if you’ve been able to take what you’ve
learned to accomplish your own phenomenal story, I’d
love to hear from you.

Just email your story to and I’ll
do my best to make sure it gets shared with the rest
of the world.

Here’s hoping you’ve just become a bit more inspired to
train your parrot something new,



Tam and train your Parrot

Training replacement behaviors

October 4th, 2006

Hi, Read this email who jumped in to my inbox from my friend Chet Womach today!

I know I’ve talked about training ‘Replacement’ behaviors before, especially when it comes to training your parrot to not scream.

But I wanted to let you know that there are other replacement behaviors you can train your bird as well. Like for example, you can train an aggressive bird, that instead of biting, hissing and lunging at you, to make you go away… he performs another behavior instead.

It could be anything. It could be a trick, or a phrase, fluffing up his feathers, or bowing his head, like I trained my cockatiel to do.

It’s important that you take any behavior that you don’t like your bird doing, and replace it with a more acceptable behavior. It not only keeps your bird from performing the naughty behavior, but can even get laughs from friends and family, not to mention teaches your bird an appropriate way to get what he wants, especially when he’s not in the mood to be handled.

I talk a lot about training your parrot to replace biting and hissing with a behavior that makes the bird fluff up and stay motionless as his sign to not be bothered. It actually comes on the bonus CD titled ‘clicker training for aggressive and scared birds’. If you want to know more about this you can get it at:

Parrot Training

Otherwise, just experiment with it yourself, and then share it with me, I’d love to find out any new discoveries you might stumble upon, and share it with my subscribers.Here’s hoping this helps you out,Trond




Does Using Mirrors Help or Hurt Your Bird?

September 19th, 2006

Here is some advice from my friend Chet Womach. 

I wanted to give you some advice on whether to use or NOT use mirrors as a way to entertain your bird.

Here’s the deal, mirrors can be great. They can even help your bird learn to talk better. I know that my
cockatiel Magoo, has been trained to say words on cue, while using a mirror for the training.


It HAS to be in moderation. I’ve made the mistake of letting Magoo, check himself out in the mirror for
hours at a time, and he ended up over bonding with the mirror. Even defending it Viciously like it was
his mate!

And it’s not just mirrors, its any reflective surface, like a shiny butter knife, reflection from the glass
windows, or even from shiny plastics. And it doesn’t have to be a very good reflection.

If he can just see a little bit of himself, he’s going to go into battle mode, and defend that territory with
his life, unless I exercise extreme caution and only let him see the reflection for a few seconds at a

This is probably my fault for originally giving him too much access to a mirror, and not moderating how
long he could look at it. If I would have been more cautious, and only allowed him a few minutes every
day or so, of mirror access, he most likely wouldn’t have developed this bad behavior.

So here’s a couple of pointers for using mirrors for playtime, training, or other purposes.

- When shown their reflection, it can invoke a parrot to start talking, and can be used for speech training,
if done correctly.

For more info on this

Warm Regards


Taming and Training Parrots

Why do Parrots bite?

August 30th, 2006

Parrots bite for the following major reasons!

Play with Birds:

It is a hard wired, or instinctive behavior for Parrots to inspect a person’s finger or other body part with their strong beak. This is the way nature provides information to the youthful bird about its environment. It is the responsibility of the owner to tell the bird just how hard it is permitted to “examine” fingers and other stuff. A loud and sharp “NO” is similar in effect to the vocalization that an adult Parrots would use in the wild to communicate to a youngster that it has exceeded its bounds.

Territorial Aggression:

Parrots instinctively defend territories both in the wild and in captivity. In the wild a Parrots bonds with one individual and will defend their nesting territory from intruders. Captive Parrots also bond with one individual and protect a territory from intruders. They can easily learn that biting is the only, or at least the best, way to drive human intruders away from their territory.

Fear Aggression:

As mentioned earlier, many Parrots have bitten out of fear of a human forcing himself or herself on the nervous bird. This is also an instinctive reaction that is closely associated with survival. If the bird were in the wild it would simply fly away. However, most captive Birds are denied the ability to escape and are left with biting as their last resort.

Learned Aggression:

Some Parrots learn to bite for a desired response. This learned aggression is displayed in many ways. One bird could learn that a light bite to the arm of its owner when he or she is eating a donut may result in a piece of the tasty treat being offered to stop the annoying nibbling.

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